Twitter vs. IM

It seems like lately, Twitter has completely taken over the internet! When I first got Twitter, I wasn’t so sure about it, but it seems like if you don’t have a Twitter account, you have no internet presence at all! Even this blog (and Hosted IM World) share a Twitter- it’s

Twitter allows you to post short messages, about 120 characters, about anything- from announcing a new blog entry (which is what I use the hostedIMspot account for a lot of the time) to talking about a new dress that you spotted in the Macy’s Misses department. I’ve found that a lot of companies and individuals use it to marketing themselves, their websites, and their brands.

But how does Twitter compare to instant messaging? Is Twitter the new instant messenger? Well, in my opinion, no.  Both are very easy to use, but I believe that Twitter is way less impersonal than instant messaging. With Twitter you do get a glimpse into someone’s daily life (if it is their personal Twitter account), but it is no where near as personal as instant messaging. Usually, with IM, you know the person you are speaking with, either on a personal or professional level. You also aren’t broadcasting a message to hundreds or thousands of people, but are usually only speaking to one person in a chat window at a time. IM is also real-time, like a telephone conversation.

Whichever way you like to talk online using Twitter and IM are 2 of the most popular (and free!) ways to communicate using the internet.

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IM is Fun!

One of the reasons why I like Hosted Instant Messaging is because it is so much FUN! I like being able to talk to my friends, clients, and co-workers in different IM chat windows while still being to surf the internet, make a phone call, or even make lunch. 

Instant messaging allows me the freedom to remain social while staying productive and efficent with my work load. Using a hosted IM client on a daily basis has allowed me to maintain my friendships and professional relationships. And once more, it has not only allowed me that channel of communication, but it has even improved many relationships. 

Because companies like Brosix offer free IM client programs, it doesn’t cost anything to be able to use IM in the workplace and at home daily. It is literally the cheapest form of communication today!

The possibilities of IM are endless- there are so many different ways to use instant messaging. This is another reason why using it is so much fun. I get excited about how it can enhance my life and make it easier. I can’t believe that I started using instant messaging almost 8 years ago- when I was just 14! I know it has been around longer than that, and I have been having fun ever since.

General Tips

Safety and Online Communication

Even though hosted instant messaging programs seem to be safer on the surface, it does not guarantee that online communication is not completely safe. No type of communication really is. As long as there are people out there looking to exploit others, then there are also others out there that are going to be victims. 

Unsafe online communication can come in forms other than what is traditionally thought of as dangerous. It can include bullying or using information that is obtained during instant messaging conversations to blackmail a co-worker or acquaintance. 

No matter where you are using instant messaging (whether it is hosted or not), it is crucial to always pay attention to what you are saying. Do not trash your company, other co-workers, or pass on gossip that may not be true. This may come back to bite you, as some companies that have hosted messaging programs also have the ability to view, read, and monitor their users’ conversations. 

The bottom line is, do not write anything online that can come back to bite you! This is the cardinal rule of online communication. Instant messaging, e-mails, blogs, and anything else that you write online that can be traced back to you is important to your online image. Co-workers, bosses, and anyone else can find these electronic records. And if they are demeaning, malicious, or negative, it can affect your job, relationships, and lifestyle. Always be careful and remember, if it was written about you, how would you feel?


Wireless Networking

As of right now, I am laying on a couch, watching the movie Twilight, yet I am also still ‘working’ as I am typing this. Through the use of a wireless router and a laptop, I literally have a ‘mobile office’– able to work and write anywhere, as long as I have an internet connect. 

The popularity of this type of mobile work, I believe, is part of the entire movement of virtual networking. Besides having ‘mobile offices’, I believe that hosted instant messaging is also part of this communication moviement- the abilty to talk to anyone, anywhere, at any time, as long as they are online as well. 

Instant messaging, along with wireless networking, gives anyone the flexibility to go and travel where they want without having to worry about being near a phone outlet. And now, wireless networking is continuing to expand. You can now type documents, write emails, visit websites, and even use instant messaging, all from a cell phone. Now, you don’t even need a computer to have a ‘mobile office’. 

It’s important to think about the possibilities when it comes to wireless networking and instant messaging in particular. Not being held down by wires can only enhance productivity and open up an entirely new world when it comes to how anyone can communicate with clients, friends, and co-workers.


Global Communication


World Communication

Communication has reached an entirely new level with the invention of the internet and later, instant messaging. Now it is simple to communicate with people from all around the world. This has brought all different businessmen and women from the corners of the globe together to create new business ventures, increase revenue, and come up with bigger and better ideas. 

This could not be achieved without the invention of instant messaging. IM has now become vital for communicating with others internationally. It is affordable, easy to use, and readily available. Whether your IM need are just a free program for occasional use or an enterprise IM program to ensure the security of your workplace communication, there are plethora of developers out there that have many options available.

Type in ‘enterprise IM’ or ‘hosted instant messaging’ into a search engine, and you’ll end up with thousands of hits. The point being, instant messaging just isn’t about teens talking to their friends online after school anymore- it is a serious business tool that provides business owners, managers, freelancers, and international entrepreneurs with an easy and reliable outlet of communication. The future of instant messaging seems to be uncertain, but whatever it is, you can be sure that it will continue to be a vital business communication tool.


General Links

Mashable: A Brief History of the Status Update

Mashable did an article on April 8, 2009 about instant messaging and how it has evolved to include Twitter, Facebook, andother status update websites as part of online communication. The bare bones of instant messaging as we know it today has been around since the 1980s. The company now known as AOL invented the concept.

Because instant messaging has evolved so much in the past 20-30 years, one has to ask- where can it go next?

Well, that answer is easy. With internet communication comes a whole new flock of viruses, corrupt file transfers, and strangers sending you and your employees instant messages with links that take you to sites that host malware or worse. Basic instant messaging just isn’t going to cut it anymore, especially in the corporate world. This is where hosted and enterprise instant messaging comes in. A secure encrypted network (like the ones remotely hosted by Brosix) is the next logical step to secure all communication that is sent electronically, even though it is through instant messaging. 

It’s a sad fast that no internet communication is safe from hackers or others trying to corrupt your systems, computers, and networks, but developers are stepping up the plate to provide alternatives that will make companies and organizations feel more comfortable with their employees using instant messaging.

Announcements General


Hello there, and welcome to the Hosted IM Spot. My name is Kelsey and I will be the main blogger for this blog. I hope to be a great resource for anyone who is looking for more information on hosted instant messaging networks, along with secure IM programs.

Enterprise instant messaging is on the horizon, in my opinion, of being a main type of communication for more than just teenagers. It is a great secure communication resource that can be used to interface with employees, co-workers, clients, and anyone else who would like to communicate without fear of viruses, unknown file transfers, or being inundated with advertisements and gadgets that the working professional has no need for.

With the IM abbreviations like  ‘OMG’ (oh my gosh/God), ‘JK’ (just kidding), and ‘LOL’ (laugh out loud) now being used in some people’s everyday spoken vocabulary, instant messaging has shown to be at the pinnacle of instant online digital communication.

Secure and hosted instant messaging programs for your workplace or organization is a great idea, for many reasons. Some of these include increased productivity (employees do not have to walk across the building to ask a question), instant response to questions/comments (if the person who has received the IM is at their desk), and a great way to share files and ideas without having to rely on sometimes faulty e-mail servers or slow processing times.

Welcome to the Hosted IM Spot. Let me know if you have any questions by e-mailing me at [email protected] or by AIM at kelsey7820. Thanks!