IM is Fun!

One of the reasons why I like Hosted Instant Messaging is because it is so much FUN! I like being able to talk to my friends, clients, and co-workers in different IM chat windows while still being to surf the internet, make a phone call, or even make lunch. 

Instant messaging allows me the freedom to remain social while staying productive and efficent with my work load. Using a hosted IM client on a daily basis has allowed me to maintain my friendships and professional relationships. And once more, it has not only allowed me that channel of communication, but it has even improved many relationships. 

Because companies like Brosix offer free IM client programs, it doesn’t cost anything to be able to use IM in the workplace and at home daily. It is literally the cheapest form of communication today!

The possibilities of IM are endless- there are so many different ways to use instant messaging. This is another reason why using it is so much fun. I get excited about how it can enhance my life and make it easier. I can’t believe that I started using instant messaging almost 8 years ago- when I was just 14! I know it has been around longer than that, and I have been having fun ever since.