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Mobile Communication

One of the best things about using a hosted IM client is that you can use it anywhere. Brosix IM can be downloaded to a .zip drive so it can be stored on a flash drive, but you can also download your IM program to your home computer so you are still able to communicate with clients and co-workers if you need to telecommute. This greatly reduces the probably hesitation and anxiety that comes with the decision to work from home or not. If you are able to stay in contact with others from the office using IM, then your boss is able to be aware that you are actually working. You will save a sick or vacation day and actually be able to get some work done!

No more going into work when you are getting sick because you don’t want to take any Paid Time Off (PTO). IM allows you to telecommunate and thus reduce the chances of others in your office getting sick because of you. Explain to your boss that this may actually SAVE your company money, as others will not have to stay home because they are sick.

Secure instant messaging client programs are also great if you are traveling- you can talk with clients and co-workers from your hotel room and the airport, if wireless internet is available. IM is the mobile communication solution for busy professionals!


Wireless Networking

As of right now, I am laying on a couch, watching the movie Twilight, yet I am also still ‘working’ as I am typing this. Through the use of a wireless router and a laptop, I literally have a ‘mobile office’– able to work and write anywhere, as long as I have an internet connect. 

The popularity of this type of mobile work, I believe, is part of the entire movement of virtual networking. Besides having ‘mobile offices’, I believe that hosted instant messaging is also part of this communication moviement- the abilty to talk to anyone, anywhere, at any time, as long as they are online as well. 

Instant messaging, along with wireless networking, gives anyone the flexibility to go and travel where they want without having to worry about being near a phone outlet. And now, wireless networking is continuing to expand. You can now type documents, write emails, visit websites, and even use instant messaging, all from a cell phone. Now, you don’t even need a computer to have a ‘mobile office’. 

It’s important to think about the possibilities when it comes to wireless networking and instant messaging in particular. Not being held down by wires can only enhance productivity and open up an entirely new world when it comes to how anyone can communicate with clients, friends, and co-workers.