Do Seasons Affect Your Online or IM usage?

I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I know that the season is strongly correlated to how much time I spend outside. As a result, my time spent online or using hosted instant messaging sometimes changes significantly. For example, in the winter, I’m more likely to be inside a lot since it is too cold to be outside. However, when the weather is nice in the spring or summer, I spend A LOT of time outside- laying by the pool, grilling outside, and walking or jogging outside. Nice weather makes me really happy and in a much better mood.

These are the 2 ways that seasons affect the amount of time I spend (and how I spend) my time online-
–mood: Since I am in a better mood overall during the spring, fall, and summer, I tend to be more social and helpful overall to the co-workers and business associates I talk to online. 🙂
–usage: As I stated earlier, if the weather is nicer, I’m much more likely to be outside, instead of being stuck inside on the computer. Even though this may not always be the case during working hours, I am more likely to take sometime off to vacation during the nicer months.

Do seasons affect your online, internet, and instant messaging use?