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Should You Integrate?

One of the biggest movements of all the encompasses “Web 2.0”  these days is a major focus on integration. This includes adding links to all of your (or your business) social media profiles onto your main website or chat profile. But the big question I have often wondered is- Is it all necessary?

I definitely think, depending on what industy you are in and how you use your social media, IM, and website, definitely translate into whether or not social media and Web 2.0 integration will help your business or individual visibility.

“So how can I use my social media profiles to help my business?” you may ask. Well, I’m going to tell you:

  • Keep them updated. Chances are, if a potential (or current) customer has added you to their social media networks, then they want to stay updated. Post new products, promotions, or news to keep customers intriged.
  • Reach out. Adding potential and current customers as “friends” on Facebook or following them on Twitter.
  • Make your profiles visible. To create a free page with all your profiles listed, you can use Extendr (to see how it looks, here is my personal extendr profile). You can also use free eye-catching social media graphics on your home page, like the variety found on MySocialButtons, or by searching ‘social media buttons’ or ‘social media icons’ on your favorite search engine.
  • Make your content easy to share. Use the AddThis widget to end all of your blog posts (free, as used on this blog) to make it easy for others to share your content.
  • Fill IM profiles with links. If you use a secure IM client (or even a free client) to chat with clients or employees, add a few social media profile links to drive traffic.