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Palm Pre Allows Mobile IM

Hey all, Just wanted to talk about my new Palm Pre that I got today with a new contract from Sprint. (I know this sounds like an advertisement, but it isn’t, I swear!) There were 3 things I wanted in a new cell phone- the ability to access the internet at all times, a QWERTY (computer layout) keyboard, and the ability to talk to my friends as much as I wanted, whether that be through unlimited text messaging or instant messaging.

Luckily, the Palm Pre has exceeded all my expectations. Not only does it have unlimited data (for web surfing) and text messaging, it also has the ability to add my AIM and Google Talk account so I can IM my friends, family, and co-workers even when I’m on the go.

Unfortunately, the Palm Pre doesn’t have one thing- secure instant messaging. You would think that a phone that has a completely original operating system (unique from the iPhone) would have more security, but unfortunately it (and almost all other phones) do not. Hopefully, one day all connections and communication channels that are used to send and receive information will be secure, but until then, I may sure that I don’t trade any confidential information using IM on my Palm Pre.