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IM Security Policy

When setting up hosted and secure instant messaging client, it may be important to create an IM Security Policy. This sets up the rules and procedures for employees, managers, and the company’s network. Some things that may need to be addressed include whether or not all employee IM logs can be seen by managers and supervisors, the role of IT, and how IM can be used. 

Make sure that a set of through guideline plans are set up before the IM programs are even installed on everyone’s computers. This not only ensures a lesser chance of confusion, but also helps narrow the focus of what the IM program is going to be used for.

The website IT Business Edge has set up a little pack of information about IM Security Policy for your company that can be downloaded free of charge here. To read the accompanying article that was written on April 27, 2009, please click here. Some of the items that are included in the ZIP file include an intro page, cover sheet and terms, and the IM security policy. 

After the IM security policy is created, it might be best to hold a company meeting to explain the guidelines and the basic principles of the program. If that’s not an option, a company-wide e-mail or memo is probably the next best option.