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A Short History of Security

An article about secure instant messagingthat I dug up on PCMag’s website from 2004 shows how far secure instant messaging has come. The article talks about getting a security certificate for about $14.95  that can run alongside AIM or possibly another instant messaging program. But with Brosix, you don’t have worry about installing another (separate) security certificate to run alongside it. It is already heavily and securely encrypted for all over your personal and private online communication.

It is interesting how technology such as encrypting instant messaging has come such a long way. It is important to remember that technology will continuously be developing and evolving as long as users have a need for it and different ways to use said technology are evolving just as fast alongside it. I think that telephones will continue to be used less and less as instant messaging becomes a more accepted method of communication.

I believe that as hosted and secure instant messaging continues to develop, that all instant messaging programs, free or not, will all use encryption in order to protect their users. I also believe that users will soon demand to have encrypted conversations and other transactions (file transfers, audio chats, etc.) in the instant messaging programs. On the same hand, once companies realize the importance encryption all online and digital communication is for their business, I’m sure that they will be jumping on the bandwagon too!